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KGM SILICON is highest Silicon content (with 80% SiO2 )Organic Silicon Soil conditioner in natural form and is fast dispersible granulated form.

Product has beneficial Microbes which help in fast growth of plants and crops .application to soil is easy as the product is available in granules and no dusting is there. Only 20-40 kg is enough per acre of land gives excellent growth to crops and plants Silicon is beneficial to plants when plants are under stresses from disease, insects and environmental pressure Silicon is basically amorphous silica. This is the only growing medium that energizes and actually feeds your plants. The silicon will give good results for the crop like rice, wheat, sugarcane, etc. especially if grown in poor quality soils and gives increased flowering and fruit for the crop Tomato Silicon shows great influence on the development of plant roots, thus allowing better root resistance in dry soils and its faster growth. It improves nutrient efficiency of other fertilizers by absorbing nutrients and slowly releasing them when required

  • Provides resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases & insects

  • Increase resistance to strong wind and rain

  • Enhanced K, P & Ca

  • Reduce lodging

  • Improves P deficiency

  • Relieves from drought stress, salt stress

  • Decrease abiotic stress as temperatures, salinity, heavy metal and aluminum toxicity.

  • Promotes upright growth (stronger and thicker stems, shorter internodes)

Dosage Once in 6 Months
Application 20-50 Kgs/Acre
Colour Off White
Pack Size 25 Kgs
Type Of Soil Any kind of soil
Pack Type HDPE Bags
Shelf Life 3 Years