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Organic farming is of great importance and there are a number of benefits of organic farming.

The food items that are grown by the methods of organic farming are tastier and healthier. The most important nutrients that humans get from fruits, vegetable and other food items are calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins etc. Organic farming preserves the nutrients of the food item, which makes us healthier.

In the conservative farming, lot of pesticides and fertilizers are used to protect the crop. But, the amount of pesticides used in this kind of farming is very high. Due to this, the humans also get affected to the pesticides. There are a number of pesticides that are highly dangerous for humans.

In organic farming, the usage of pesticides is very limited and hence, people who consume the food items produced from organic farming are at low risk. 3. Organic farming relies on the breakdown of soil management. Different techniques are used to preserve the nutrients that are taken by the previous crops. 4. Organic farming is very cost effective compared to the conservative farming. Moreover, this farming is not very tiresome, time taking and difficult.