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Need in India

Increase in population make compulsion to stabilize agricultural production, but to, increase it further, in sustainable manner. Natural balance needs to be maintained at all cost for existence of life and property.

Agrochemicals which are produced from fossil fuel and are not renewable and are diminishing in availability. It is costing heavily on our foreign exchange.

Only 30% of area in India is cultivated with fertilizers where irrigation facilities are available. India has great potential to grow crops organically and can be a major supplier of organic products in the world. Read More

The task force on organic farming appointed by government of India observed that vast area in the country is exploited with chemicals which give low yield. These areas can be targeted to give high production through organic farming. India has great scope to become world’s no.1 organic exporter in the world.

Organic farming can maintain soil quality. The chemical use is hitting the sustainability in soil and decreasing its potency. Applying organic manure is the only solution to improve the soil organic carbon productivity in the future. Our country has 700 metric tons of agriculture waste but most of it is not being used.